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Wild Coyote

Native to North America, the coyote is a canine that represents both good fortune and the playfulness of the wild. For a long time, these secretive beasts were called predatory wolves, which frightened the populations inhabiting the endless lands of pre-Colombian peoples. Some of the cultures even considered them sacred beings.

End users have the opportunity to explore the world of Coyote and try to tame it. Classic multiline setup, mystery atmosphere and thrilling story of these magnificent animals are perfect combinations for the myth seeker's entertainment.

Game Settings

Game name Wild Coyote
Available on Desktop \ Mobile
Game type Video slot
Release date January, 2022
Languages English \ Spanish \ Russian \ Portuguese \ Italian \ German \ Turkish \ Korean \ Danish \ Norwegian \ Swedish \ Finnish \ French \ Ukrainian \ Georgian \ Armenian \ Thai \ Serbian \ Slovak \ Croatian \ Romanian \ Czech \ Japanese \ Vietnamese
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