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CasinoMentor Exclusive: The Future of Slot Gaming with Amigo Gaming and Eva Miaus

"Dear Amigo Gaming,
Thank you for reaching out and considering a collaboration with CasinoMentor for May and June. We're excited about the potential partnership and the opportunity to showcase Amigo Gaming's upcoming game collection to our audience.
1 - Can you provide an overview of Amigo Gaming's vision and mission in the slot game industry, and how it drives your game development philosophy?
Amigo Gaming, founded in Barcelona by a passionate team, has a clear vision: to create the most engaging and innovative online slots in the industry. This mission fuels our development philosophy, which revolves around three core principles.
First, we prioritise player-centric design. Everything we do, from theme selection to feature development, is driven by what will resonate with players and keep them coming back for more.
Second, we believe in technical excellence. We invest heavily in cutting-edge technology to ensure our games are not only fun but also visually stunning and perform flawlessly across all platforms.
Finally, we are committed to continuous innovation. Slots should be exciting and surprising! Our team constantly pushes boundaries, developing unique features and mechanics that keep players engaged and the gameplay fresh.
2 - We understand that Amigo Gaming has a highly anticipated game launching in June. Could you provide any insights into this upcoming release, including its theme, features, and target audience?
Absolutely! Amigo Gaming is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of three highly anticipated games in June:
  • On June 13, "Olympus Blessing" takes players on an epic journey to Ancient Greece, where the main character Zeus is an expanding WILD. This game immerses players in the atmosphere of Mythology and Greek Gods, and has exciting features such as free games and mystery symbols.
  • On June 20, "Super Chilli" spices up the gaming experience with its spicy chilli theme, offering prizes hidden behind pay symbols. Set in a sunny urban market, Super Chilli features Quad Expanding symbols and mystery symbols.
  • Finally, on June 27, 'Fruit Eruption' whisks players away to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, where the thrill of volcanic eruptions meets the tranquility of palm trees and island vibes. This game creates a dynamic and exciting atmosphere, blending the explosive action of eruptions with a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience."
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