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Chipy’s Exclusive Interview with Anastasia, Account Manager at Amigo Gaming


Just a few days ago, our partners at Chipy caught up with Anastasia, our Account Manager at Amigo Gaming. In this thorough interview they talked about the backgrounds of the online gaming industry and the challenges of game development.

Chipy: Thank you for agreeing to this interview! Tell us more about Amigo Gaming and yourself.

Anastasia: Certainly, the pleasure is mine to share insights about Amigo Gaming. We are a dynamic gaming company focused on creating immersive and engaging iGaming experiences. As an Account Manager, I'm dedicated to fostering strong client relationships and driving growth for our gaming products.

Chipy: How did you manage to roll out so many games in such a short amount of time?

Anastasia: Our ability to efficiently release multiple games was due to our effective utilization of agile development methods, enabling us to tap into our talented team's creativity. Additionally, maintaining a clear strategic plan played a crucial role in launching several games swiftly while ensuring high quality.

Chipy: Which features do you think will make you stand out from your competition?

Anastasia: Absolutely! We differentiate ourselves by continuously exploring cutting-edge game mechanics, developing unique graphics, and innovating new features—all centered around understanding user preferences. This holistic approach ensures not only engaging gameplay but also high user satisfaction, as we aim to craft experiences that resonate deeply with our audience.

Dive into this exclusive interview to uncover all the details straight from the source! Click here for the full article!

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