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Defend your honor in the fight


Amigo Gaming invites on an exciting adventure of gladiators and warriors who fight for honor on the battlefield with its new online slot release.

Arena game takes place in ancient Roma. Slot includes state of the art graphics that are now a trademark of Amigo Gaming, offering an excellent interface to enhance gaming experience.

Igor Rus, Chief of Amigo Gaming comments: “Fall releases are full of surprises, we are improving many aspects of our games to offer more and better products to our operators. Arena is a particular case since we are premiering a new feature for us. ”

In this game, the Online Slot provider based in Barcelona is introducing the new feature PIN-WIN, a bonus that can be activated when 6 or more shields appear in the combination. Within this bonus phase, players will get 3 re-spins.

The game is available from October 18 at all casinos that operate with Amigo Gaming. Try the demo here.

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