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1. Amigo Gaming was founded in 2020. Do you think the studio is at its best right now?

Since Amigo Gaming was founded, the company has grown, and we can say that right now we are in our best moment. We are more than sure that the company will continue growing, and, in the future, we can say that  “we are now at our best”.

2. What are the best-performing Amigo Gaming slots? And what is your personal favorite?

Depending on the country or jurisdiction the slots that perform the best can be different. But the ones that perform the best are Amigo Monkey, Blazing Crown 9 Circles of Hell, or Nostradamus The Prophet

Personally, my favorite slot is Elephant Splash because of the good graphics and bonuses.

3. Which are the regions where you are most successful and why do you think this is?

Amigo Games has a presence in different jurisdictions. We have already launched in CIS, LATAM, ASIA, and BALKANS countries. In all of them, the acceptance of our slots has been impressive.

4. Do you think that certain games deserve more attention from players?

For Amigo Gaming all the games deserve all the attention from the players. But it’s true that some games can be more attractive than others maybe because of the features or the graphics for instance.

5. You have a strong collection of classic slot machines. Are these games still very popular and why do you think they attract players?

Indeed, one of our strengths are the Classic slots.  And yes, they are still very popular. The main reason for that is because they are similar than the ones that the player can find in the land-based casino.

6. Right now you are quite consistent with the type of slots you offer; do you plan to take more risks in the future?

Amigo Gaming is always looking for new features, and graphics we could seem consistent but we are always open to take risks.

7. How long does it take to produce a game and what is the most difficult phase?

This it would depend on different issues. Of course, skin games are the fastest to produce, but for the other slots maths, graphics, backend or frontend can be more or less difficult.

8. How have your games evolved over time?

The company has undergone changes and improvements over time, as in any industry. The evolution of the games can include updates to graphics, game mechanics, and additional features, to provide a unique gaming experience for users.

9. How can players know that their games are fair?

To know if a game is fair, players should look for clear rules, and genuine randomness, avoid cheating, read reviews and comments from other players, check the transparency of the odds, and contact customer support if they have problems. But having the RGN or the games certified is the best way for the slots to be fair.

10. Who is your target audience?

Amigo Gaming's target audience is adults looking for online slot entertainment, technology lovers, gambling enthusiasts, and people who value the convenience of playing online from anywhere.

11. Attracting the younger generation seems to be a big challenge for the industry, what are you doing to stay relevant?

To appeal to the younger generation, Amigo Gaming focuses on advanced technology, mobile gaming, social elements, ethical practices, and attractive promotions... In addition to listening and adjusting to player feedback and complying with regulations.

12. Do you think your fans would love to enjoy slots as a community rather than as a solitary experience? Because the major players in the industry are looking for ways to add that social element.

Yes, the addition of social elements to online slots is a positive trend, as it creates a more engaging and communal experience for players, which can be appreciated by the younger generation. However, it is important to offer options for both players who prefer the solitary experience and those who seek social interaction.

13. Many smaller studios are now content partners of the big players - have you ever considered joining one of these programs and what is stopping you from jumping on this trend?

Not at this moment. We are growing month by month and this gives us the strength to walk alone to be one of the top providers.

14. We are working on a kind of social casino that allows users to play certified games for free, win daily bonuses, participate in tournaments, and win real prizes. Would you be interested in integrating your content into this platform?

We are not on the social casino, but in any case, always open to talk about this.

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