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Quantech has partnered with Amigo Gaming


Amigo Gaming and Quantech work together to provide the highest quality online gaming experiences.

Amigo Gaming, an online slots provider based in Barcelona, has announced an exciting new partnership with Quantech, a leading provider of tech solutions for the online gaming industry.

Through the partnership, Quantech clients will have access to Amigo Gaming games like Blazing Crown and Amigo Monkey. This collaboration marks an important step for both companies in striving to provide the best gaming experiences.

Amigo Gaming's Director of Business Development, Marga Fernandez, is excited about the partnership and says: "We are thrilled to partner with Quantech. This collaboration represents an excellent opportunity for both companies to increase our reach and deliver the highest quality online gaming experiences."

The new partnership between Amigo Gaming and Quantech is expected to offer players an enhanced gaming experience that is second to none, thanks to the combined efforts of these two industry leaders.

"We are thrilled to partner with Amigo Gaming, a top provider of online slots. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for both companies as we strive to provide the best gaming experiences in the industry. Our joint efforts will allow us to deliver the highest quality online gaming experiences for our players. We look forward to offering our clients access to Amigo Gaming's innovative games and technology and enhancing the overall gaming experience for our users." comments Ahmet Chagman, the Chief Executive Officer at Quantech.

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