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Driving Change at Amigo Gaming, an Interview with Marga Fernández


Discover the inner workings of the dynamic online gaming industry and the captivating challenges of game development in this interview between Marga Fernandez, Amigo Gaming’s Director of Business Development, and our partner at SlotsWise.  

SlotsWise: Welcome, Marga! It's a pleasure to have you speak with us again for the second time. Can you start off by telling us more about your job description? 

Marga Fernandez:I'm Marga Fernandez, the Business Development Director at Amigo Gaming. My main responsibilities encompass negotiating with clients, partners, and operators, overseeing game release processes, identifying new business opportunities, and ensuring the continuous growth of the company." 

SlotsWise: Can you introduce Amigo Gaming and the core mission that drives your company? 

Marga Fernandez: “Amigo Gaming is based in Barcelona, founded by a team of passionate individuals and friends. Our mission revolves around delivering high-quality online slot games globally. Our guiding principles include product creativity, service excellence, and a commitment to technical mastery, steering our strategy and daily operations." 

SlotsWise: How does Amigo Gaming ensure its slot games appeal to different segments of players across various markets? 

Marga Fernandez: "At Amigo Gaming, our strategic approach encompasses in-depth research, active review of valuable client and player feedback, and a vigilant awareness of ever-evolving industry trends. What sets us apart is our exceptionally diverse and multicultural team, with each member bringing a unique background to the table. This wealth of perspectives ensures that our games are finely tuned to resonate with a broad spectrum of preferences, creating an inclusive and engaging gaming experience for players worldwide."  

Read the whole conversation on the SlotsWise website. Click here for the full article! 

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